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Week08 updates:Edit


Pinout for IDC10 header for both motors:

  1. GND
  2. +12V
  3. N/C
  4. PWM A (~1kHz; 5V TTL)
  5. PWM B (~1kHz; 5V TTL)
  6. Encoder (feedback) motor A - freq. varying PWM with 50% D.C.
  7. Encoder (feedback) motor B - freq. varying PWM with 50% D.C.
  8. Direction A (High/Low)
  9. Direction B (High/Low)
  10. +5V

  Anyway the update is as follows:

  • built and tested one side of the H-bridge - OK
  • need to test the other side
  • will start writing code for controlling the motors
  • for that i think i will take one of the AVR kits and experiment since DEV board is not fully functional yet and we only have one piece of it
  • started writing documentation for H-bridge